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Diane Bernstein

With over 20 years of experience as an art teacher, advocate, and consultant, Diane has designed advertisements geared towards specific markets while at the Art Center College of Design CSU Northridge as well as develop individual art programs that promote education within the community as a representative of the arts.


As a coordinator of concepts into proposals, the methods, and materials utilized are personal and professional in all aspects of creating decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter, contributes to both the style of the art and its meaning.


The different types of traditional painting and drawing techniques have a wide variety of tools that enhance projects to be comprised of unique mediums.

Diane Bernstein, artist, teacher, advocate.

Autism, Art and Diane Bernstein


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Diane Bernstein knew that Art would play a big role in her life, but when her son was diagnosed with Autism she gained a new appreciation for what Art could do for her child. Diane shares her journey as an artist, mom and art instructor.


This place is quaint and welcoming, and the owners vibrant and endearing. I have some of my work displayed here. Below is a link to to this unique establishment to view.

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